• Moultrie Sprayer with Boomless

    The Moultrie 25 Gallon ATV sprayer with 10 ft Boomless gives you greater maneuverability for applying agricultural products such as herbicides and fertilizers. With a 10-foot boomless sprayer controlled by an on/off valve you can easily cover tree rows fence lines and ditches without added hassle.

  • Yield Booster

    Manufacturer: ferti-lome Model: 10607

    Helps stop blossom end rot on Tomatoes and setting of fruit and correcting calcium deficiencies. Blossom end rot can be recognized by the dark grey/ black sunken area on the blossom end (bottom of Tomatoes). Blossom end rot can be small or can cover almost half of the fruit and will decrease Tomato yield.

  • Master MFG 9 Gallon Spot Sprayers

    Ideal for Applying Insecticides & Herbicides. Chemical Resistant Polyethylene Tanks. 12 Volt connection cables. Adjustable cone spray nozzle. 18″ Handgun with 10ft coiled hose. Includes attachment straps. Glyphosate compatible.

  • ferti-lome Fish Emulsion Fertilizer 5-1-1

    Manufacturer: ferti-lome

    Derived from concentrated fish solubles that supply the natural release of essential nutrients for the development of green foliage, vigorous root systems and solid plant structure.

  • Martin's TopShot

    Manufacturer: Martin's Pest Control Products

    Weed killer for lawns. Martin’s® TopShot Weed Killer for Lawns is for use only on Kentucky Bluegrass, Fine Fescue, Bermudagrass, Centipede grass, Zoysiagrass (Meyers and Emerald) and St. Augustinegrass turf areas.

  • Pennington Fast Acting Lime

    Manufacturer: Pennington Seed

    Equivalent to 5 bags of regular pelletized lime. Encourages a healthier, more productive food plot. Easy to use - works with any type of spreader. 15 times more effective than regular lime due to the Active Soil Technology(AST).

  • Seed Potato

    One pound of seed potatoes will plant a row approximately 8' long with seed pieces spaced at 8–12" apart. Plan on 1,200 lb/acre (600 lb of fingerlings) when rows are spaced 36" apart with 12" between plants. Under optimal conditions, you can expect to harvest 10–15 lb of potatoes for every pound of seed potato planted.

  • AgriLabs Agrimectin Pour On Broad Spectrum Parasiticide

    Agrimectin Pour-On provides the proven broad spectrum parasite (internal and external, including hard to control horn flies) control of Ivermectin in one convenient application. Because Ivermectin is the active ingredient, you can trust Agrimetin Pour-On to do the job each and every time. The combination of proven performance on millions of head treated can not be matched by any other compound.

  • Hi-Yield Atrazine Weed Killer

    Manufacturer: Hi-Yield

    Controls Henbit, Dollarweed, Chickweed, Clover, Sandspur and others listed on label. Controls both emerged weeds and weeds from seed in St. Augustine and Centipedegrass.

  • Mossy Oak BioLogic Hand Seeder

    Manufacturer: Mossy Oak

    The handheld broadcast spreader is made with high quality, Mossy Oak commercial grade, and water-resistant fabric. This spreader features a calibrated flow rate adjuster, and is the only model of its kind with covered metal gears for the customer’s protection. An easy on-off control makes this spreader ideal for sowing seeds or lightweight fertilizer to get your food plot started. 

  • Tecomate Greenfield Seed

    Manufacturer: Tecomate Wildlife

    This mix has one purpose – attract and concentrate fall deer for great hunting! Yet, also provides vital fall and winter nutrition needed to keep rutting bucks in good shape. Premium cereal grains and high-protein winter peas combine with forage turnips and sensational forage and bulb-producing rape/turnip hybrid to guarantee greatest attraction during hunting season after “frost-curing” causes the brassica’s sugar content and palatability to increase and after the sugar-loaded bulbs mature. Suitable nationwide.

  • IMAGE® Kills Nutsedge

    Manufacturer: Central Garden & Pet

    MAGE® Kills Nutsedge is a postemergent, selective herbicide for use on southern turfgrass and selected ornamentals. Its patented formula starves weeds to death. IMAGE® Kills Nutsedge targets the toughest southern weeds–Yellow & Purple Nutsedge or Nutgrass, Wild Onion and Garlic, Dollarweed, Field Sandbur, Ryegrass, Crabgrass, unwanted Bahiagrass, White Clover, Henbit, Chickweed, Annual Bluegrass, Virginia Buttonweed, and Dandelion. 24 fl.oz.

  • Royal-Grow Supreme Plant Food 32-0-0

    This fertilizer was designed with a a high nitrogen level to maximize growth on all pasture types and crops.

  • Royal-Grow Phosphorus Balancer 20-0-20

    This feritlizer was created to help balance the phosphorus levels, promote hearty plant growth and enhance foliage development. Use this Royal-Grow fertilizer if poultry manure has previously been used.

  • Vegetable & Garden Insect Spray RTS

    Manufacturer: Bayer Advanced Lawn & Garden Products Model: 701522A

    Protects edibles from listed insect damage. Fast-acting foliar spray kills on contact. Kills Aphids, Japanese Beetles (adult), Cutworms & other listed pests. Also for use on lawns. Rainproof in 1 hour.

  • Bonide Fruit Tree Spray Concentrate

    Manufacturer: Bonide

    A complete liquid fruit tree spray containing Captan 12%, Malathion 6%, Carbaryl .3% and a spreader sticker. Simple to use. No plugged nozzles. As little as 1 1/2 tablespoons per application. Excellent for the home orchardist.

  • Miracle-Gro Garden Soil for Trees & Shrubs

    Manufacturer: Scotts Miracle-Gro Garden Products

    Ideal for all types of deciduous, evergreen, and flowering trees and shrubs. Enriched with Miracle-Gro® Continuous Release Plant Food that feeds up to 3 months.

  • Miracle-Gro® Potting Mix

    Manufacturer: Scotts

    Miracle-Gro® Potting Mix is the right mix for success with all types of container plants. Grows plants twice as big! Feeds for up to 6 months. More blooms for more color. For indoor & outdoor container plants.

  • EarthWay® Garden Seeder

    Manufacturer: Earthway Model: 1001B

    An ideal row crop planter, the 1001-B is a tool that takes the guesswork out of planting any row crop. Here’s how it works: install one of the precision seed plates that best fits your seed, then adjust the depth of planting on the ground opener, and then set your 30” long row marker for the desired width, then fill the seed hopper with seeds, then begin pushing in your well tilled soil, that’s it.

  • Hi-Yield® Bug Blaster

    Manufacturer: Hi-Yield

    Treats up to 5,300 sq. ft. Odor free, non staining & water based. Provides up to 4 months protection. Controls wood destroying pests, home invading pests, lawn pests, and tree & ornamental pests for 3 months. 16 oz.

  • Scotts® Nature Scapes® Advanced, Sierra Red

    Manufacturer: Scotts

    With New Scotts® Nature Scapes® Advanced Color Enhanced Mulch is the only garden mulch designed to extend color longevity, conserve water and prevent weeds naturally. Use up to 30% less water than with ordinary mulches while still getting the year long color (guaranteed!) and the natural weed prevention you have come to trust. 2 cu. ft.

  • High Country Plastics 7 Cu. Ft. Dura Cart

    Model: DC-7 WF

    Complete cart 400 lb. weight capacity. Comes with foam filled 16" worry free tires. Removable tub. Use the cart frame for hauling baled hay, straw or packaged shavings.

  • 4" Strawberry Plants

    Fully ripened strawberries have a rich, aromatic flavor unmatched by their supermarket counterparts. Growing strawberries doesn’t have to entail so much work! Strawberries can be allowed to grow as a ground cover that requires little maintenance. The plants won’t bear as heavily as managed plants, but they will still produce delicious berries, year after year.

  • Pennington® PennGreen® Carolina Special 16-4-8 Lawn Food

    Manufacturer: Pennington Seed

    Contains slow release nitrogen. 50 lbs. covers 8,000 sq. ft.